Take It Back Home

by Silas Feemster

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released October 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Silas Feemster Beaumont, Texas

A lot of people play old time roots and folk music but few do it with such an accurate approach to sincerity such as Silas Feemster. His songs hark back to an era of wooden floors, antique doors, rotating 78's and ashes piling in the tray.

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Track Name: Take It Back Home
Mercy mercy me, God bless my soul
Im gonna try and keep it hid when i take it back home
When i take it back home

Shine boy shine, all night just for day
Bad luck and trouble surely come you way
surely come your way

Lord have mercy, Have mercy on me
Old scratch in my throat when i sing
When i sing
When i sing

Said lord lordy lord, I hear a church bell ringing tone
Put my mind on the wonder baby, when i bring it back to your door
Back to your door

When i take it back home
When i take it back home
Track Name: Early Some Morning
Early some morning, just before i close my eyes
Well i get to thinking of you babe, Lord you know i don't keep from crying

Baby, i got your picture hanging on the wall above my bed
When i lay down every night baby, your somewhere else instead

Feeling lowdown bout that same time every day
Im feeling so bad momma, since you drove my spell away
Track Name: Ole' Lonesome
Ole' gal at my door, don't you hear me cry?
My lonesome creepin' through the door, don't you hear me cry?

My babe hurt, hurt so good, don't you hear me cry?
My baby don't hold me like she should, don't you hear me cry?

Let my baby ride, don't you hear my cry?
Come home and try me one more time, don't you hear me cry?